Detailed Product Information:

SD0002 Sudoku


1. Reasoning and logic IQ game
2. Hint and save record function
3. With over 1,000,000 sudoku puzzles
4. Different difficulty
5. Prevent senile dementia
6. Improve logic thinking with different levels
7. Think smart & fast with count-up timer


Unit Size: 12.6*8.5*2.7cm
Box Size: 12.8*9.0*3.0cm
Carton Size: 39.5*34*37.5cm
G.W/N.W: 15.1/14.3KG
PCS/Carton: 120

As a simple digital game, Sudoku has raised a new wave in the game world. In Europe and America, Sudoku has become one kind of teaching tool used by the teachers to inspire the pupils¡¯ intelligence. In England, the authoritative education experts said that Sudoku can improve people¡¯s logic thinking and reasoning, and increase students¡¯ interests in lessons.
The SUDOKU can not only let you get the joy from the entertainment, but also make you smarter by improving thinking ability. As you start playing it, you will indulge into it immediately. It is so small that can be taken around with you. You can play the game at any free time then find your ability of analyzing and thinking has been enhanced unconsciously.