Detailed Product Information:

L-6090 Laser engraver

L-6090 Laser engraver
Strong and stable mechanical structure designs digital controlled motion to be permanent stable and not need adjustment.
Double guide-rail design assures high precision and no abrasion. Minimum of carved character is 1.55mm so that the cutting surface keeps smooth.
With imported gilded lens with silicon base and two-layer focusing system, the equipment produces smaller facula and stronger cutting force, which greatly improves working efficiency and reduces cost.
Exhausting, absorbing and assistant blowing system, of which our company owns the initiation, solves the problem which troubles this trade for years, of exhausting smoke and improves carving and cutting.
Water-cooling system with self-protective function assures stable continuous running.

Technical parameter:
Laser power 60W/80W
Valid working area:600mm900mm
Maximum size of workpiece: 1000mm80mm
Highest carving speed:72000mm/min
Minimum carved character: Character:1.5mm/letter:1.0mm
Maximum cutting thickness: 15mm PMMA sheet60W, 20mm PMMA sheet80W
Repeating orientation precision: 0.01mm
machine overall power consumption: 1.2kw
machine size: 1.4m1.2m1m